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Little Climbers Nursery



I am so impressed with the level of care my son receives
at Little Climbers Nursery.

All the staff are very welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic and offer a caring approach to the children. My son has been able to build strong bonds with some of the adults
and children.

All activities are well planned and engaging.

I get thorough feedbacks from his teacher, ( Ms. Maloney) at the end of each day, she’s very patient, specific, thorough and points out a way forward with him.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Little climbers.

Thank you all for all you do

Funmi - Parent

Our daughter started at Little Climbers
when she was 11 months old and thrives in the
environment of the nursery. As first-time parents
we were nervous about putting our daughter into
nursery but the fact that the baby room has a smaller
number of children really helped to comfort us. As soon
as we visited the nursery we knew it was right for our daughter because everyone is so warm, friendly and caring. It
is like a home away from home. We love the amount
of interaction she receives and the variety of
activities they do each day. It is wonderful to
receive the regular updates and photos
that the nursery sends about what our
daughters doing and experiencing.

Also, we like that the nursery ensures the
children spend time in the garden daily as well as the focus
the nursery places on good nutrition (our daughter's
favourite person is James the chef as she
loves his cooking!).

In summary, we are delighted with Little Climbers
and would highly recommend it.

Anna - Parent


Our son has been at Little Climbers for just over 1 year
and we are absolutely thrilled with the care that the Nursery provides.  All the staff are so kind and caring and he has really developed since he started attending. 

We receive regular photos and observations through the
secure online journal so we can see what he has been up to and how he is progressing against the EYFS milestones. We can also see the variety of activities that are provided on
a daily basis. 

I would thoroughly recommend Little Climbers to anyone looking for a nurturing, caring, family environment where all the staff are passionate about supporting every single child
in their care.  


Amy Callow  - Parent



  We have found Little Climbers to be such a wonderfully nurturing place for both of our children. The activities, trips and experiences organised by the staff have really enhanced the early years of our little ones. Our children have enjoyed the challenges set by staff, and we have found the regular observations so helpful in keeping track of their progress. We'd recommend Little Climbers to any parents wanting a warm nursery with a Christian ethos. 

Bunmi - Parent


  Amelia was at Little Climbers from 10 months to 3 years. She loved every minute of her time there and had so many quality childhood experiences. We were confident she was well loved, cared and provided for and we could go to work each day with complete peace of mind.  Being an Early Years Practitioner myself, I knew she was receiving excellent quality childcare and Early Years provision. We were also very happy that she was in a setting which has a Christian ethos and beliefs. We are thankful to all the staff at Little Climbers for helping Amelia to grow and prepare her for the next step in her life.

Mary - Parent


   One of the hardest things you do as a parent is to
go back to work and leave your child with someone else, but
at Little Climbers it's such a friendly, caring place that both my children immediately settled there and were enormously
happy from day one.

The staff were all so lovely, and we felt they
genuinely cared about our children, and really got to know them, and helped them to develop at their own pace through encouragement and positive feedback as well as lots
of fun play. OUr kids also made their first proper
friendsthere which was lovely to see.

It was like being part of a big, wonderful family and we were sorry to have to leave, but at least we were able to look back knowing that our two children had spent their early years in the best possible care while we were out at work.

Thanks - lots of love to you, the family and everyone else down there!

Holly - Parent


We're so thankful we found Little Climbers Nursery,
and that a space came up for our son James. The
fact that the nursery is small means James knows all the staff, including those leading the rooms he isn't based in. He struggled to settle in initially, especially as due to the
COVID lockdowns he had to settle in twice; the staff were
patient and understanding, giving him plenty of
time toease in, and being creative in how to
make him feel comfortable. 
James loves it, he talks about nursery and all the staff throughout the week, he enjoys the activities, and we can see he's developing due to the encouragement and support of all the staff, and the variety of activities he gets involved in.
Thank you so much! 


Jen & Graham - Parents


We are delighted with the love and care provided by Little Climbers. Both our children are very happy there and the staff work extremely hard to provide a fun, caring and nurturing environment. This includes coming up with fantastic new activities each day for the children to enjoy and learn from, delicious meals and lots of fun outside
in the wonderful garden.

We love Little Climbers!

Rozzane - Parent

  My time working at Little Climbers Nursery was a positive experience because I felt fully supported by all of the staff because they were approachable and I felt comfortable to ask any staff member to help me with anything I didn’t understand to do with my role and off the job coursework.

The manager ensured that she informed me about the policies in place at the nursery plus who is the Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENCO and the Fire Warden. I was also informed during my induction where the fire exits, fire extinguishers and where the assembly point is if there is a fire.

The manager also provided plenty of opportunities to do additional CPD training such as Safeguarding, Paediatric first aid and GDPR, which I gladly accepted and completed. My ideas and opinions were considered in all staff meetings.

All of the Nursery practitioners demonstrated how to care and support children from 0-5 years. They were willing to answer any questions I had about caring for children and supporting them though their development in the EYFS. They would supervise me whilst I providing care, support and setting up activities for the children plus they will always give me constructive feedback so that I can develop my skills.

I now have the confidence to continue developing my skills in childcare thanks to this nursery giving me the head start and hands on experience in an early years setting.

Naheelah Harris  -  Apprentice



I remember fondly my days as a member of staff at Little Climbers. I would not hesitate to recommend Little Climbers to any parents looking for a nursery for their little ones. Aunty Hermin (the proprietor) and her staff provide a home from home experience for each child who attends. The environment is vibrant and stimulating for young minds and it is also a place of warmth and nurture so each child is cared for with their individual needs in mind. Children from all backgrounds and cultures are welcome at Little Climbers. Staff members in each age group use planning, observation and fun activities to enable the children's learning in all areas of the curriculum. Aunty Hermin works closely with her team and parents through regular updates and staff meetings to improve the nursery so that each child is happy and well cared for at Little Climbers.


Ann Roberts - Former staff