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Little Climbers Nursery

Learning at LittleClimbers

Throughout the year we explore a number of themes in our regular term topics, for example, ‘Transport and Safety’. Activity plans are displayed around the nursery and parents, as well as children, are invited to contribute.

The children are taken on exciting trips to the library, museums, City Farms, local parks and around town to encourage further exploration and participation in the topic being covered.

Over the summer several outings are organised, for example, ‘The Big Toddler’ fundraising event.



Parent/carers will always be notified well in advance of any outing – whether local or further afield.

Fun and educational classroom based activities are also high on the agenda. To fulfil the mathematics EYFS criteria, for example, we have a great deal of good quality equipment, including: construction toys, shape sorting, counting games, matching, mosaic making, weighing, measuring and puzzles.  



We provide a wide variety of activities and experiences to help your child develop to the best of their abilities. The nursery supports self-initiated and adult-led play.

Play is a very important educational activity for children. Through play children can develop creativity, grow intellectually and build relationships with each other.

Imaginative play activities:
Role-play area with kitchen style equipment, dressing up clothes, dolls house, dolls of various sizes, cars, train sets, animals, farm etc.

Creative activities:
Mark making
– painting and drawing, printing, crayons, chalks.
Malleable play – such as dough, plastercine clay modelling.
Music – listening to and making different kinds of musing, using and learning about a variety of musical instruments.
Dance and drama – with and without music, alone and in groups, guided and free.
Cooking – courgette cupcakes, biscuits and healthy pizzas and sandwiches.   




Exploratory activities
We organise activities that assist the children in their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Children learn to handle and explore materials like water, sand, clay and dough.



Outside activities include:
Gardening, nature walks, town walks, growing and caring for plants and vegetables and local trips out and about.



Physical activities
The nursery has a variety of large and small equipment and apparatus for physical activities, including climbing and balancing apparatus, bean bags and balls. Garden play equipment includes bikes, cars, a mud kitchen, parachute games, prams and slide; we also have a large bouncy castle for special events.