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Little Climbers Nursery


Covid 19 has changed and influences how we now plan and teach our children.

Upon the children return, our main focus has been their wellbeing and involvement in activities.  For we understand how Covid 19 may have impacted both on their social and emotional development.  With this in mind we now offer a Blended curriculum which is a variety of teaching styles.  We are more flexible with our teaching styles as it is best suited to the individual need each child.


Teaching styles are:

  1. In the moment planning – this spontaneous activities which are generated from the child’s interest and or fascination of an object, subject or topic
  2. Adult guided activities – this is direct teaching which will either introduce new knowledge, skill and learning, support emerging skill and or to consolidate a skill.
  3. Child initiated play – children are still able to make choices regarding activities to participate in and when.


We still will offer Themes (old favourites) such as MINIBEAST – as this instils awe and wonder as the children watch insects and ask questions, we then build on this interest and extend their learning through related craft, sensory play, stories and song.


We will acknowledge festivals such as Black history month, - we will not be inviting visitors into the setting but will be exploring the family cultures and customs of the children and staff within the setting  Remembrance Day,  Poppy Day – as this celebrates and reinforces our British Values, Guy Fawkes, Christmas.

To encourage and support Language acquisition and the development of vocabulary we will be focussing on books, stories and songs.  Pre-schoolers will explore in depth one book a week which will also include letters and sounds activities.

At present we are not going on trips so we are fully utilising the garden with activities such as:

  • - Listening walks
  • - I spy
  • - Scavenger hunt        
  • - Various treasure hunts such as looking for numbers, letters, coloured balls etc.
  • - Craft activities using natural resources
  • - Craft activities which are influenced by what we see outside

As well as typical physical activities such as obstacle course, hide & seek, parachute games, dodgems, chasing games etc.